bicibús route design

Design tailor-made bike routes and transform the way to school into a sustainable and healthy experience

Do you want to promote greener and healthier mobility in your community? We help you design the perfect bike route to get pedaling to school! Our personalized and collaborative approach ensures that the path chosen is safe, practical and fun for all participants.

What includes?

Comprehensive diagnosis, field work and design of bicibus routes adapted to your needs

Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Location of the participants: We identify all the boys and girls who will be part of the project, as well as their starting points and necessary routes.
  • Previous study of the school environment and the cyclability of the municipality: We evaluate the existing infrastructure and the environmental conditions to guarantee the feasibility and safety of the project.
  • Field work on the ground: Our team of experts goes through and analyzes the area to identify the best routes and meeting points.
  • Creating an interactive map: We produced a detailed and easy-to-use map that includes the selected routes, allowing all participants and families to follow the bicibus with ease.
  • Presentation of the proposal: We present our recommendations and work together with the municipalities and educational communities to ensure the satisfaction of all those involved.

A specialized service for municipalities and educational communities at an affordable price

Our offer is specifically designed for city councils and educational communities that seek to promote bicibus projects in their localities.

Get in contact with us to learn more about our pricing and how we can help you transform mobility in your community.

Personalized support

Webinars and workshops

We offer workshops and organize events and talks to talk about the bicibús and launch new projects. Personalized online and face-to-face sessions.

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bicibús route design

From an initial diagnosis, together we will design the best way to get pedaling to the school.

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Training in circulation

Together with specialized instructors, we carry out circulation training for boys and girls, adults and companions of a bicibús.

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