What is a bikebus?

A bicibús is an initiative in which a group of schoolchildren travel by bicycle to school, accompanied by adults such as family members, teachers or volunteers. In recent years the bicycle bus has become popular all over the world!

The bicibus is a simple idea with a big impact

Just like a bus a bicibús has a predefined itinerary with departure and arrival points, and established times for its journey.

Unlike a conventional bus, the stops of a bikebus are meeting points for the participating people to join the group.

The main objective is to provide a safe and healthy transportation option For those students who want to get around by bike or who live far from the school and normally travel by car.

the bikebus has benefits as encourage child and youth autonomy and promote healthy habits, improving academic performance, generating new neighborhood relationships and reducing the use of motorized vehicles on the streets.

A bikebus can be organized as a recurring activity, either daily, once a week or with an established frequency, with the aim of encouraging the use of the bicycle as a means of transport to go to school and promoting it as a healthy habit among students.

By having a regular schedule, the bikebus helps students to develop a routine and also helps families to better plan their times. In addition, as it is an activity carried out in a group, it also encourages feeling of community and safety on the way to school.

Colorful illustration of a bicycle to explain what a bicycle is.

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