The bike is the most fun way to get to school

Every Friday, you just have to prepare your bicycle to get to school pedaling in a group.

The bicibus is like a bus line: It has a route, stops and transit times. Currently, at the Pau Claris de la Seu d'Urgell School, in collaboration with the Seu d'Urgell City Council, we are preparing to launch the project for the month of February 2024.

Participate in the bike-bus push!

Frequent questions

On the bike, do children ride bicycles alone or is it necessary for the family to accompany them?

This will depend on the bike model you decide to use at your school. In most projects there are children who, from a certain age, can come alone. In any case, you can accompany your child whenever you wish.

Should boys and girls wear helmets?

The helmet is mandatory for children under 16 years of age who ride a bicycle.

How can I obtain more information?

If you have more questions, contact the AFA of the Pau Claris School.

Who guides the bike to school?

Boys and girls will be accompanied by adults at all times and throughout the tour. The adult participants who act as guides can be volunteers: mothers, fathers, family members and other people who know the route and ensure the correct development of the activity.

Apart from the helmet, is there anything else that needs to be prepared?

It is important that boys and girls know how to pedal and that the bicycle they use is in good condition, with inflated wheels and adjusted brakes. If the bicycle has gears, it is necessary that they can be changed and maneuvered correctly. It is also important that the child has gloves to avoid cold hands.

What benefits does a bicibus provide?

Happier girls and boys

A bicib├║s increases happiness levels among participants due to the physical and mental health benefits associated with cycling, social interaction, and commitment to the environment.

Social cohesion

The bicib├║s strengthens ties between families, teachers and staff of the educational center, fostering cooperation and a sense of community.

health improvement

Boys and girls do physical exercise daily, preventing illnesses related to a sedentary lifestyle and promoting emotional well-being.

Autonomy and confidence

Boys and girls develop independence and self-confidence by learning to move safely and responsibly.

sustainable mobility

The bicib├║s reduces dependence on motorized vehicles, reducing pollution, improving road safety and promoting a culture that is friendly to the environment.

Environmental awareness

The bicib├║s instills values of respect and care for the environment, training citizens committed to a sustainable future.

Un projecte impulsat per l’AFA Pau Claris amb el suport de l’escola Pau Claris i de l’Ajuntament de la Seu d’Urgell

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