Group of adult people in group escorting the instructions of the instructors d'a bicibus

Promote a bicibús from your town hall or local entity

Are you looking for innovative and sustainable solutions to improve mobility in your municipality or region?

the bikebus It is a powerful tool that promotes a positive change in urban mobility, benefiting children and families, as well as the community in general.

Implement a bicibús project in your locality not only reveals the existing demand for cycling to schools, but also allows planning for cycling infrastructure and low-traffic areas from the established routes.

In addition, the bicibús contributes to changing public opinion on sustainable mobility and creates a new story about how cities can be more bike friendly.

This initiative also encourages citizen participation, facilitating co-creation and shared decision-making in mobility policies.

By promoting bicibús projects, the administration will be investing in the future of sustainable mobility and building safer and healthier cities for all.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to transform mobility in your municipality or region.

Contact us today to find out more and take the first step towards a greener and healthier future!

How can we help you?

Personalized bicibús program

We create, coordinate and evaluate a bicibús program adapted to the specific needs of your community.

Planning for the bike

We help you plan projects with cycling in mind, safe school environments and reduced traffic zones to ensure accessible routes to schools.

Citizen participation

We involve the educational community and citizens in the planning and implementation of bicibús projects and sustainable school mobility.

tailor-made advice

We provide support and guidance at each stage of the project, adjusting to the particularities and objectives of your community.

Training and awareness

We offer workshops and campaigns on sustainable mobility and road safety for students, teachers, families and the community.

Bikebus APP

Application to manage routes, registrations, communications, assistance and access to resources, with statistical data for monitoring and improvement.

Other custom services

Webinars and workshops

We offer workshops and organize events and talks to talk about the bicibús and launch new projects. Personalized online and face-to-face sessions.

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bicibús route design

From an initial diagnosis, together we will design the best way to get pedaling to the school.

Illustration of a teacher teaching a girl to ride a bike

Training in circulation

Together with specialized instructors, we carry out circulation training for boys and girls, adults and companions of a bicibús.

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How can we help you?