Arrival of a bicibús at a school with several children and adults on bicycles.

Promote the bicibús in your school or institute

The bicibús is an ideal initiative to promote healthy practices, increase safety on the way to school and strengthen the connection between families and educational centers.

The bicibus is an innovative solution to face urban mobility challenges, especially in schools and institutes. This initiative transform the lives of the little ones and your community by promoting the use of bicycles and reducing traffic congestion.

Boys and girls ride bicycles together, supervised by adults, promoting physical activity and improving their health and emotional well-being. Do you know that students arrive more awake at school?

The bicibús teaches circulation skills and values such as responsibility, fellowship, and respect for the environment. It also strengthens ties between peers and encourages cooperation within the educational community by involving family members and center staff in organizing and coordinating routes.

There is no doubt that the bicibús is a project worth exploring. Encourage your family and community to join this adventure and enjoy its many benefits together.

Transform mobility in your community with the bicibús!

Benefits of a bicibús in your educational center

Happier girls and boys

A bicibús increases happiness levels among participants due to the physical and mental health benefits associated with cycling, social interaction, and commitment to the environment.

Social cohesion

The bicibús strengthens ties between families, teachers and staff of the educational center, fostering cooperation and a sense of community.

health improvement

Boys and girls do physical exercise daily, preventing diseases related to sedentary lifestyle and promoting emotional well-being.

Autonomy and confidence

Boys and girls develop independence and self-confidence by learning to move safely and responsibly.

sustainable mobility

The bicibús reduces dependence on motorized vehicles, reducing pollution, improving road safety and promoting a culture that is friendly to the environment.

Environmental awareness

The bicibús instills values of respect and care for the environment, training citizens committed to a sustainable future.

Personalized support

Webinars and workshops

We offer workshops and organize events and talks to talk about the bicibús and launch new projects. Personalized online and face-to-face sessions.

Illustration of two women looking at a map of a city

bicibús route design

From an initial diagnosis, together we will design the best way to get pedaling to the school.

Illustration of a teacher teaching a girl to ride a bike

Training in circulation

Together with specialized instructors, we carry out circulation training for boys and girls, adults and companions of a bicibús.

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