The bicibús: An ally for those responsible for urban mobility and sustainable transformation

As those responsible for urban mobility and local leaders, it is important to seek innovative and sustainable solutions to improve our municipalities.

The bikebus is a powerful tool that not only promotes sustainable mobility, but also creates community connections and offers significant benefits for children, as well as the community at large.

Next, we explore why the bicibus should be of interest to people responsible for public administration:

Emergence of the existing demand for commuting by bicycle

The bicibus reveals the latent demand for cycling to schools. This information is valuable for those responsible for mobility, as it allows identifying areas where cycling infrastructure is most needed and quantifying its potential impact on traffic and sustainability.

Cycling infrastructure planning and low-traffic areas

Bicycle routes connecting homes with schools can serve as the basis for planning bicycle infrastructure and reduced traffic zones. This allows mobility managers to prioritize projects and focus resources on areas with the greatest impact.

Change in public opinion and creation of a new storytelling

The bicibús contributes to changing public opinion on sustainable mobility and building a new narrative on how cities can be more bicycle-friendly. By seeing boys and girls cycling safely and happily to school, citizens become more receptive to sustainable mobility policies.

Promote a change of habits in the little ones

The bicibus helps instill healthy and sustainable habits in boys and girls from an early age. These habits are maintained over time and contribute to creating a new generation of citizens who are aware of the environment and committed to sustainable mobility.

This change, evidently, is also noticeable in the families of the little ones.

Preparation for greater autonomy towards the institute

The bicibús gives boys and girls the opportunity to learn to travel safely and independently on a bicycle, which will help them in the future when they attend high school and need to get around on their own.

Promotion of citizen participation and co-creation

As local managers, the bicibús allows us to get closer to the educational community and increase citizen participation. This favors processes of co-creation and shared decision-making, which in turn can improve the effectiveness and acceptance of mobility policies.