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The revolutionary app that transforms bicibus project management

Are you ready to take your bikebus project to the next level?

we present, the innovative application that allows you to manage bicibus lines, registrations and visualize the impact of your project efficiently and easily. Join the 1,800+ people who have already experienced the benefits of this amazing tool!

Used and recommended by more than 50 educational centers

Currently, is successfully used by more than 50 educational centers that have transformed their sustainable mobility thanks to its multiple functionalities. With this application, you will be able to view routes, stops and schedules, manage registrations and access valuable statistics to improve and expand your project.

Customization to measure: Adapt it to municipalities, regions or entire countries!

Do you need a customized solution for your project? No problem! offers the possibility of adapting the application to the specific needs of municipalities, regions or even entire countries. You set the limits!

Top Features You'll Love

Activation of routes, stops and schedules

Easily configure your bikebus routes and schedules to keep all participants informed and up-to-date.

Roll call and notice of arrival at school

Keep track of attendance and notify arrival at school quickly and easily.

Registration and authorization system

Efficiently manages the registrations and authorizations of the participants, facilitating the organization of the project.

Access to resources and links

Make it easy to access helpful resources and links to keep everyone informed and motivated.

Sending welcome emails

Automatically welcome new members, creating a tight-knit and engaged community.

statistical data

Monitor the impact of your project with accurate and useful data to drive improvements and changes.

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