Download the Bicibús KIT, a step-by-step guide to creating a bike bus at your school.

My name is Eduard Folch and since 2020 I have been living this wonderful bike-bus adventure, helping to start more than 40 bike-bus routes in 30 schools, together with other passionate people.

I have met incredible people and I have seen hundreds of happy boys and girls on their bikes... And, above all, I have seen the potential that this project has for our municipalities be more resilient and active.

I want to contribute to making it bigger this diverse movement that belongs to thousands of people, sharing with you a guide that summarizes the methodology which has served to launch successful bike-bus projects.

Thank you for joining the change!

* Spanish version available. Soon, updated version in Catalan and English.

⭐ Introduction to the bike

What is a Bike Bus?

What bikebus formats are there?

Benefits of a bikebus

⭐ Organization to create the bike

Create the driving group
Detect needs and potentialities
Analyze the context and environment
Define the bike routes

⭐ Launch the bike!

Organize the guide team
Training in circulation
Communication and promotion
The first bikebus 🚀

If you leave me your email, I will send you the Bicibús KIT guide in PDF.

And if you wish, I'll get in touch with you to send you more resources that can help you set up a bike bus in your community. I will soon conduct an online webinar and I offer talks at your school, conduct a personalized session to clarify doubts (responsibilities, insurance...), help define bike bus routes, provide training in circulation and access to the Bike Bus APP:

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