The bike bus: A new mobility that starts at school and transforms the city.

The bike bus opens a huge door to change our streets and see our towns and cities teeming with bicycles. We offer methodologies and resources to make it possible.

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A proposal based on experience

The bike bus has the potential to change the mobility in your municipality

The bike bus is a project that transforms school mobility and has the potential to promote bicycle use in your city.

Why? Because it demonstrates that cycling to school and around your municipality is possible and desirable, but not all the conditions are yet met for most people, of all ages and abilities,to do so independently, safely, and comfortably, whenever they want.

And it's not just us saying this... The OECD includes the bike bus as one of the transport policies for the decarbonization of Catalonia's mobility system..

In this video we explain why the bike bus can also be seen as as a means to achieve towns and cities full of life and with fewer cars, helping to change habits, but also to plan better streets and a bicycle-friendly infrastructure.


Our step-by-step proposal

The bike bus activates and facilitates the achievement of goals towards a more vibrant municipality and cleaner, more inclusive mobility. We will assess if the bike bus can help you achieve this.

What goals does your municipality have to promote a change in mobility?

We will contact a school community motivated to start a bike bus and aligned with the goals. We will work together: families, teaching staff and technicians to launch it in a few months.

Do you know any schools in your municipality eager to start?

The bike bus brings numerous benefits, but now we have the opportunity to extend its effects and take new steps that help us to flood your municipality with bicycles.

A city that is friendly to kids will be friendly to everyone. Shall we start?

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Download the Bicibús KIT, a step-by-step methodology to create a bike at your school.