Photo of a group of boys and girls on a bicycle bus, stopped at a traffic light on a street in Barcelona.

What is a bikebus and what features does it have?

In a world where sustainable mobility and healthy living are increasingly important, the bicibús is presented as an innovative solution to promote the use of the bicycle.

Find out how this initiative transforms the way to school into a safe, active and ecological experience.

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What is the bicibús and why is it important?

A bicibús is a group of boys and girls who ride in a group from home to school accompanied or not by adults. It is a safe, healthy and sustainable transport option for students who want to travel to the educational center by bicycle or live far from school and normally travel by car or other means of transport.

Just like a bus a bicibús has a predefined itinerary with departure and arrival points, and established times for its journey.

And, unlike a conventional bus, the stops are meeting points for the participating people to join the group.

The different types of bicibús and their characteristics

There are different types of bicibús that adapt to the needs and characteristics of each community, offering inclusion and flexibility in its implementation.

Some of these models They include the bicibús with the family, with family volunteers, with monitors or external volunteers, the mixed bicibús and the autonomous bicibús.

Each of these approaches has its own advantages and characteristics, which allows it to be adapted to the particularities and resources available in each community.

The models vary according to the participation of relatives, monitors and external volunteers, thus promoting solidarity and mutual support among the students.

By adapting to the needs of each community, the bicibús becomes a successful and sustainable initiative to promote ecological and healthy transportation in the school environment.

The benefits of bicibús for health, the environment and the community

The bicibús offers numerous advantages both at the individual and community level.

On a personal level, the use of the bicycle as a means of active transport promotes the safety and autonomy of boys and girls in their school journey, while giving them the opportunity to carry out essential physical activity for their growth and development. In addition, pedaling contributes to combat problems such as a sedentary lifestyle, anxiety, childhood obesity and, in turn, promote happiness and general well-being.

At the community level, bicibús brings significant environmental and social benefits.

The reduction of vehicles on the streets entails a reduction of pollution, noise and the risk of accidents. Likewise, it contributes to improving air quality and supports the ecological transition necessary to face climate change and the energy crisis.

The bicibús also represents an excellent opportunity for learn to navigate properly in the city and perfect the skills for the use of bicycles.

This collaborative and community project involves families, educational centers, civic entities and public administrations, thus promoting the development of sustainable cities and communities.

How to implement a bicibús in your community: steps to follow

Whether you belong to the public administration, run an educational center or are part of a company with a focus on corporate social responsibility, our platform is the ideal resource for you.

Here, you will find all the information and support necessary to carry out a custom bicibús project, adapted to your specific requirements.

Recognizing that each sector faces unique challenges and opportunities in the field of sustainable mobility, we have developed this platform as a comprehensive and customizable resource for all those committed to generating a positive impact.

In this way, we provide you with the tools and the appropriate guidance to facilitate the successful implementation of a bicibús project that benefits your community and the environment.

And if you are part of a family association of an educational center, we invite you to discover the The bikebus KIT, the guide do it yourself guide to launch a project of bicibús in your educational center.

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Whether you are part of the public administration, an educational center or a company committed to corporate social responsibility, here you will find the information and support necessary to promote a bicibús project adapted to your specific needs.

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