The Barcelona Declaration

An important result of Bike Bus Summit 2023 was the Barcelona Declaration, a call to action that reflects the collective commitment of activists and leaders to promote active transport in communities around the world:

«The #Bicibús is joy and freedom. Community bike rides to school make boys and girls happier, awake and ready to learn. Our community becomes more connected and resilient. We show that our streets can also be for the little ones. As a #Bicibús community, we demand that our political leaders prioritize urban space and resources for child-friendly, healthy, and safer streets.” Bike Bus Summit, March 2023.

The Barcelona Declaration is a reminder of the importance of promoting active and sustainable mobility in our communities, and a call to political and urban leaders to prioritize the creation of safe and accessible urban spaces for children.

Image of the bike bus summit group. Some boys and girls hold a cardboard with part of the declaration.

Participants at the Bike Bus Summit, which included representatives of various countries and organizations, they pledged to work together to advocate for positive change in their communities, sharing their experiences and knowledge in promoting active transportation by bicycle.

The Barcelona Declaration is an important milestone in the global bicibús movement, which seeks to not only improve the health and well-being of children and families, but also to foster community connection and resilience.

Through collaboration and mutual support, bicibús leaders and activists are working together to build a more sustainable and healthy future for everyone.

What is a bicibus and how does it work?

A bikebus is much more than an ecological and healthy mobility option to school. It is an initiative that promotes healthy habits, reducing pollution and strengthening community ties.