Communication and promotion

Some advices

  • The driving group of the project You must be in charge of keeping everyone informed and making contacts with the town hall and the local press to report on the dangers identified on the route and proposals for improvement.
  • the student body You can also help spread the word about the project. With their enthusiasm and ability to mobilize others, they can help get more families to join the project.
  • The educational center and the AFA they also have an important role in diffusion. They can use their own means of communication, such as the blog, social networks, the web, etc. to publicize the project and get other educational centers interested and form their own bikebuses.
  • Besides, if the bikebus is part of a larger project, such as STARS, Caminos Escolares or Revuelta Escolar, the project's communication channels can also be used to transmit the experience.