Create the driving group

The important thing is to start

If you form a small group, You have already made a lot of progress in your project!

It is one of the most important phases in the creation of a bicibús and provides you with a solid base for the project.

With a committed and motivated team, clear goals can be set, specific tasks and responsibilities assigned and work together to achieve the success of the project.

In addition, a diversified team with members coming from different perspectives of the educational community you can have a broader vision of the needs and challenges of the bicibús, and can help identify and address problems effectively.

It is important have at least two people in the driving team of the bicibús, since this guarantees a greater diversity of perspectives and a greater ability to work in a team.

A single person could have difficulty carrying out all the tasks necessary to launch the bicibús, such as organizing routes, promoting the project, and managing registrations.

Actors who can be part of this group

  • The AFA, AFI or AMPA You can assume the bicibús project as your own, support it and disseminate it among the families of the educational center.
  • Families that already use the bicycle as a means of transportation can serve as inspiration and provide knowledge for other families interested in participating.
  • Teachers who already use the bicycle As a means of transport, they may have prior knowledge and extra motivation to participate in the project.
  • The address of the center You can support the bicibús directly or indirectly and you can even integrate it as a project of the center.
  • the same students They can be the main trendsetters and infect the rest with the desire to participate in the bicibús, they are also essential for the marketing of the project.

Recommendations for the team to work

It is recommended that the team have a clear structure, with defined roles and responsibilities for each member. This will help ensure that all important tasks are covered and there is no duplication of effort.

Another recommendation would be establish clear and regular communication between team members. This includes having regular meetings to discuss progress, solve problems and plan the next step.

It is also important to establish a open line of communication so that all team members can express your concerns and suggestions.

In addition, it is recommended to establish a work plan and short and long term goals. This will help keep the team focused and measure progress.

Lastly, it is important foster a collaborative and supportive environment among team members. This will help ensure that all team members feel valued and motivated to work together.