Organize the team of guides

Key and essential people

To carry out a bicibus it is important have the support of volunteers who accompany the children during the tour.

It's fundamental value their work and take them into account in decision-making and management of the project.

It is necessary to form a team of volunteers who They can be relatives of the participants, members of the community, monitors or even cyclists from outside the school who wish to collaborate with the operation of the bicibus. Here we tell you more about it.

Depending on the format chosen for the bicibus, different roles and responsibilities should be established for volunteers.

The responsibilities of a guide

  • Review the list of boys and girls registered at each stop
  • Verify that the boys and girls come with bicycles in good condition and with helmets on correctly, as well as vests if necessary
  • Provide instructions before and during the route
  • Control the pace of the bikebus and help safety on the streets
  • Inform family members of any incident that has occurred
  • Notify family members of arrival at school

Rights and duties of volunteers

The figure of the volunteer is highly valued in many countries, since these people selflessly offer their time and effort to help projects and organizations without receiving financial remuneration in return.

However, each country has its own regulations and laws that regulate the figure of volunteeringsuch as legal obligations, volunteer rights and responsibilities, recruitment and training procedures, and legal protections for volunteers.

It is important andbe aware of these regulations and ensure that the work of volunteers is in compliance with the laws and regulations of the country; especially in those tasks such as accompanying a bicibus in which we are in contact with minors.