The bicibus can help to get cities 8-80

The concept of an 8-80 city is important because it prioritizes the needs of all people in urban planning, regardless of age or ability.

The idea is that if a city is designed to work well for an 8-year-old boy or girl and an 80-year-old person, it will probably work well for everyone else.

Cities that prioritize cars over others can limit the independence, safety, and physical activity of older people, as well as children who may live far from their schools and activities.

The emphasis on automobiles can also contribute to health problems like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

To create livable cities, we need to prioritize safe, accessible, and enjoyable spaces for walking and biking, including connecting sidewalks and physically separated bike paths.

It is also important to create vibrant public spaces that encourage human interaction and socialization. This includes lively streets with benches, trees, flowers, and green spaces, as well as infrastructure for shops and services that prioritize walking and bicycling.

An initiative that can help achieve a city 8-80 is the bicibús, which is a form of group transportation by bicycle that offers a safe and fun alternative to get around the city.

The bikebus can be used by people of all ages and abilities, making it a great option for promoting exercise and social interaction.

In addition, the bikebus helps reduce traffic and pollution, which contributes to a healthier and more sustainable city.

It is everyone's responsibility to demand better cities that put humans before cars, so that we can grow and age in cities that work well for everyone.