Is the bicibus a forever project?

The benefits of the bikebus

As a facilitator of bicibus projects, I am convinced that this initiative offers numerous benefits at an individual, social and environmental level. However, I firmly believe that bicibuses should have an expiration date.

This may sound a bit strange, but let me explain…

The bicibus is a response to two basic needs: the lack of safe infrastructure to cycle to school and the desire of the little ones to ride a bicycle to school.

The bikebus provides this security through the accompaniment of adults and the strength of the group to protect themselves from motorized traffic. At the same time, it allows boys and girls to enjoy the freedom and joy of cycling.

Future goals: autonomy and safety

Despite the indisputable advantages of the bicibus, such as the promotion of sustainable mobility, the creation of new community ties and the strengthening of relationships between children, it is worth asking whether this solution should be permanent.

If our goal is for the little ones to be able to move around the city autonomously and safely, the bikebus should disappear the day this becomes a reality.

Creating child-friendly cities

To achieve this independence, we need to create child-friendly cities so that they can circulate safely without the need for adults to accompany them. This means reducing traffic on the streets, slowing down vehicles, and building wider and safer bike lanes. When these conditions are met, the bicibus will have fulfilled its purpose.

Let's imagine a future in which bicibuses continue to exist, but as a celebration of the victory of having created a friendly and safe urban environment for the little ones. This does not mean that we do not continue working to improve our cities and promote the use of bicycles, but we will have achieved a great goal.

Let us continue working with enthusiasm, curiosity and expectation to achieve this goal..