The first bikebus

The time has come! The first bikebus is an important moment and it is necessary to follow some tips to guarantee its success.

The day has come!

The first day of the bikebus is an exciting day for everyone.

Boys and girls wake up excited, eager to start the tour. It is important to ensure that all participants are prepared for the day, checking the bikes during the day before, taking into account the weather and not forgetting any essential accessorieslike the helmet.

The most important thing is motivation and the desire to participate in the bicibus. It is a very special day that will mark the start of a cycling adventure together!

Prepare the first bicibus well

The most important is make sure everyone has fun and is looking forward to participating again.

It's fundamental plan the schedule in advance and allow a few extra minutes between stops, since at the beginning it is difficult to predict the time it will take to complete the tour.

Is It is advisable to have the help of professionals or extra volunteers at the beginning, since this will provide greater security in the operation of the Bicibus.

It is also important to have someone in charge of taking photos and videos, as this will be useful to promote the project.

As the project continues, the support needs should be reduced, both in terms of volunteering and schedules.

Must be be prepared to make changes to the course depending on changing conditions, such as the registration or withdrawal of participants.